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The ecological environment of Anqing
  Anqing fine ecology, is the national garden city. Anqing North pillow mountain, south of Yangtze River, West River, east of Shitang, broken Gang the lake, mountain lion, Lantau Peak, Ling Hu, Qin Tanhu etc enchase meantime, it is a big garden. North of the city of big dragon - stone pond lake scenic area, mountain, water, stone, tree, Dongjing com., distinctive; West Chen Duxiu cemetery, forest Yushan static, elegant solemnity, a sigh; south along the river bank park, construction of the the Bund Bridge Park stretches nearly ten miles, forming a beautiful scenery line; the " world history ", the " third article ", " Taiping Heavenly Kingdom British palace " and other ancient buildings, maintained the typical buildings of Ming and Qing Dynasty style; in particular has a long history of Linghu Park and in recent years the park construction, he park more>>
Welcome to AnQing
  Anqing city is located in north latitude 29 47 ' -31 17 ', longitude 115 46 ' -117 44 ', East Anhui province and Chizhou City, Tongling city and across the river; the south of Yangtze River, in Jiangxi province and Jiujiang connected; West Huangmei, Qichun, Hubei province in three counties in Yingshan; north of Anhui Province, Lu'an city Chaohu City, Hefei city. Anqing is located in Nanjing Han aqueduct of gold of the Yangtse River is connected to the key post, Wuhan and Nanjing two regions of bridge city. Anhui province Anqing City, formerly known as Huaining, the ground with Jin Wu Chu, is bounded on the north by the Qing Huai, South Linjiang table, in Huai clothing shielding, river Jiezhi to Qu, "
Jiang is key in North and south, is breathing ". To the four plug in and up to five of the control, thoroughfare, Dongting Peng calabash, lower choke rock, Jingkou, known as the center for defense, Jinling (present-day Nanjing ) military security to the western portal. All through the ages is downstream in the Yangtse River the important military strategic location. " Great river of the throat, sub-Jiang Wu Chu first state " reputation and " eight provinces Jin" laudatory name.
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  1.Organize and implement local laws and files according to the environmental laws in Beijing and in the province. Organize and implement anti-pollution projects and water protection. Participate in the planning of the city. 2.Lead and administrate in vital environmental problems. Investigate and deal with important environment-polluting accidents. Resolve cross-area disputes of environment pollution. Lead in the prevention of pollution. 3.Fulfill responsibilities of pollution reduction from the central government, the province and the city. Organize and administrate tasks of pollution reduction. 4.Offer advices to investments in the city, cooperate with related departments. Participate in dealing climate changes. 5.Responsible to pollution prevention and environment destruction more>>
Anqing Environmental Protection Bureau has six internal departments. 1.The office Assist to daily works. Coodinate political works. Draft up general files and organize important meetings. Responsible to secretary works, sicurities, profiles, letters and visits, information and service for retireds. Organize projects of environmental protection. Coodinate and examine investments of environmental protection. Administrate anti-pollution projects. Examine the construction of environmental protection.Organize environmental monitoring, examination, information, publication and education. Supervise and manage finaces of other departments. Responsible to the accountance. Person in charge: Dai Zezhong Telephone number: 5562356 more>>
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